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Forthcoming virtual & in-person

July 12th 2024

University of Vienna

Annual Vaccines and Society Workshop

This workshop will focus on systems of healthcare and manufacturing that underpin the supply and delivery of vaccination services and communities that are currently underserved and overlooked by global vaccine logics.

Please email to attend:

Past virtual & in-person

January 20th 2023

Oxford Martin School

Vaccines and Society Unit Launch and Inaugural Workshop

The inaugural workshop on ‘Vaccines and Society: Crossing policy, online, and public lines’ had a diverse line-up of speakers covering topics spanning: different policy levels, social and mainstream media, public attitudes and engagement.

Prof. Sir Charles Godfray – Introduction:

Prof. Samantha Vanderslott – Overview of VAS:

Panel 1 – Public Policy:

Panel 2 – Media and Social Media:

Panel 3 – Public Attitudes and Engagement:

Panel 4 – Healthcare and Hesitancy:

Prof. Richard Moxon – Closing: