Our NIHR-funded project will develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate the Collaborative and Digital Analysis of Big Qual Data in Time Sensitive Contexts (LISTEN) method. This overarching aim consists of four sub-aims: (1) To inform and refine a method for collaborative and digital rapid analysis of big qualitative data. (2) To test the method with real datasets developed in the context of emergency responses. (3) To evaluate method quality indicators and implementation requirements. (4) To co-develop fidelity assessment tools, educational materials, and consolidate a network of experts, and to promote the use of this approach in a wide range of organisations and contexts. The primary outcomes of this study will be: a LISTEN website and a project page on the Open Science Framework (OSF) to share openly available and accessible study results; an established network of expert researchers and stakeholders; five scientific publications with corresponding infographics and animation; a toolkit/manual of the method, and teaching materials to include in RREAL training courses and beyond.

The aims of this study and the LISTEN method are informed by coproduction and participatory research methods that allow for the co-creation of knowledge. Therefore, stakeholders have informed the development of this proposal, will provide guidance in the form of a Consultation Group throughout the project, and contribute to the development of primary study outputs. Scientific publications will include a stakeholder commentary, this is a text written independently by a person with lived experience relevant to each study to reflect on the results and implications in practice. Dr Norha Vera San Juan and Dr Cecila Vindrola are the Co-PIs with Dr Samantha Vanderslott and Dr Sam Martin as Co-Is.

Key Publications

Manby, L., Dowrick, A., Karia, A., Maio, L., Buck, C., Singleton, G., Lewis-Jackson, S., Uddin, I., Vanderslott, S., Martin, S. and Vindrola-Padros, C., (2022). Healthcare workers’ perceptions and attitudes towards the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination programme: a rapid qualitative appraisal. BMJ open, 12(2).